Keeping your data secure is our top priority, and we work diligently to achieve it.

Your most valuable information is in safe hands with us, and we prioritize the responsibility entrusted to us.

Your financial and personal data’s
safety is our number one priority.

We understand that securing home financing can be stressful, so we have taken extensive measures to ensure the safety of your financial and personal information. Our comprehensive approach includes a team of experts, advanced technology, and secure physical systems.

Restricted User Permissions
Access and permissions for users are only given when there is a legitimate need for them to know.

Two-Step Verification
To enhance security, we implement two-step verification.

Passwords with High Entropy
Passwords undergo the process of hashing and salting, and they must meet strict requirements for entropy.

Data Encryption
Sensitive data is encrypted using bank-level encryption both when it is stored and when it is being transmitted.

User Tracking and Lockouts
The system automatically locks out any user exhibiting suspicious behavior.

Secured Development Process
We stay updated with development best practices, including following the OWASP Top 10 guidelines.

We utilize a range of cutting-edge technical safeguards to protect your data.

Technical Safeguards

Protecting Your Login Information

While using our online mortgage application, you may be asked to provide your credentials to other services, like your payroll system. However, it’s important to note that we never store your third-party credentials on our servers. When InstaMortgage accesses third-party systems on your behalf, it only has read-only access. This means that no changes, transfers, or withdrawals can be initiated. These features are solely used in our mortgage application for data gathering purposes.

Technical Safeguards

Data Centers Managed by External Providers

All of our web servers and databases are located in secured third- party data centers. These data centers have multiple layers of access controls and are constantly covered by security guards. utmost of our data is stored electronically, which allows us to use the forenamed security measures. In the rare cases where physical documents are necessary, they’re kept in locked form closets and disposed of securely formerly they’re no longer demanded. Electronic clones of physical documents are only kept for as long as needed by law and our company’s record retention programs, and are also deleted.

Technical Safeguards

Security Assessment

We conduct regular code reviews to identify any security vulnerabilities and stay updated on the latest technologies to stay ahead of potential attackers. Additionally, we utilize automated vulnerability scanners to promptly detect and notify us of any potential weaknesses in our defenses.